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Scout hut kitchen canopy

Scout hut kitchen canopy

Recently Canopy Uk fitted a canopy to a Scout hut that wanted to add a cooker to their kitchen. 

The before picture where the cooker and canopy had planned to be fitted

A site survey was undetaken by us to check where it would all be going then a canopy was manufactured in our workshop in Peterborough and installed. 

The new cooker and canopy after fitting

All our canopies are all fitted with stainless steel baffle filters running the full length of the filter bank to maximus the filter face velocity.

The space that it was all going into had never had a cooker or canopy before but having both meant that hot meals could also be cooked and served from the same place.

If you are looking to add something like this to your local sports kitchen why not give Canopy UK a call on 01733 700468 and see how we can help you.