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Domestic Kitchen Hoods

Domestic Kitchen Hoods

We have supplied and installed stainless steel domestic hoods into customers’ homes for a number of years now.



Canopy UK can fabricate any style of hood that you require. Some come with an integrated fan or if you prefer the fan can be installed outside of the kitchen, this will help with the noise levels in the kitchen.

We have often looked at domestic hoods only to be disappointed with the performance.

Our hoods look good and as we have had years of experience in commercial kitchen extraction systems, we can assure you of the performance of our product, not like most other domestic kitchen canopies that sound loud, fooling you into thinking that it must be powerful.

The other little trick that some companies show you is airflow in metres per hour, rather than metres per second. When this is put into hours it will show a bigger figure making the airflow look bigger using numbers.

If you are looking for a canopy to put into your home that’s unique and works well, please give Canopy UK a call on 01733 700468 to speak to one of our friendly team or drop us an email