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Pete's Chippy

Pete's Chippy

Look after your canopy and your canopy will look after you! 

Here is a perfect example of that...

15 years ago Canopy UK installed this canopy into Pete's chippy. 15 years ago, and its still looking as good as the day it was installed. 

We recently visited the chip shop on a call out for a new gas interlock but other than that this canopy has been that looked after it has never needed anything else replacing. Remember if you look after your canopy well it will give you many years of service helping your business to thrive.  

With the run up to christmas, now is the time to start checking your canopy to make sure it will last you through the busy christmas period. 

Canopy UK keep a large range of stock should you need spares for your canopy or kitchen, or if your extraction system is looking like its seen better days why not give Canopy UK a call for a replacement before Christmas.