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DW172 requirements for Kitchen Extraction Ducting

The correct standard of ductwork selected to complete a canopy installation is as important as the selection of the canopies themselves.

All ductwork shall be in accordance with DW/144 specification.

When designing a kitchen supply/extract system the duct velocities shall be followed. Eg: Main Run - Supply: 6-8m/s - Extract: 6-9m/s Branch Run - Supply: 4-6m/s - Extract: 5-7m/s

Discharge points shall be positioned such that extracted air cannot be entered into a supply system.

The ductwork shall discharge at least 1.0m above any window openable window.

The discharge terminal shall be open without mesh and designed to achieve an exhaust or efflux velocity of 12-15m/s, or as required by the local authority.

The use of cowls which have the potential of downdraught and risk re-entry of the extracted air back into the building should not be used.  

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