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Canopy Gives St Botolphs a Breath of Fresh Air

Canopy Gives St Botolphs a Breath of Fresh Air

After sitting through many assembly and school play in a stuffy school hall, our director John Ellingham offered his help where he could and installed an Air Movement System into local Peterborough primary school, St Botolphs.

Having large groups of children with staff in the hall means that you are getting build ups of carbon dioxide and making the children tired, it was something we had the ability to change, so we did!

Unbeknown to most, but recent studies have suggested that many of our primary and secondary schools do not meet the recommended ventilation rates and as a result have a poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Poor indoor air can harbour contaminants such as dust and dust mites, toxic vapours from cleaning products, microbial contaminants from damp and condensation as well as high levels of carbon dioxide that can cause conditions like headaches, increased allergies and asthma as well as fatigue.

It's so important for our children to have access to clean and fresh air indoors as an atmosphere that promotes tiredness and fatigue is not contusive with productive learning, so much goes into our children's curriculum, as parents and local business owners, we wanted to do everything we can to support and promote a healthy and engaging learning environment.

We approached St Botolphs, and the proposed Air Movement System was received well by both the staff and the school board, who agreed that this was another aspect of school life that would further enhances the school experience for the children as well as their ability to achieve. It was agreed that we would carry out the work in the during the Easter holidays to ensure that there was no disruption or distraction to their school day.

We will all be aware of how little stretch there is in school budgets and there is no room to remedy problems such as poor indoor air quality, despite the serious health implications and adverse effects that it can have on a child's ability to learn. Canopy UK are proud to say that we covered all of the parts, labour and work and with the help of one of our main suppliers, SK Sales, who kindly donated some of the parts needed, we were able to install the air movement system, worth £2,000 - at no cost to St Botolphs.

As one of the leading ventilation companies in the UK, our 20 years worth of experience and expertise means that we have developed close relationships with top manufacturers in the field, and were able to install a system that distributes fresh air around the hall, whilst pulling used, CO2 heavy, air out. The result is a fresh and comfortable environment for the children and staff for generations to come.

The school are very pleased with the outcome -

"Many thanks to the team at Canopy UK for the generous work they have carried out. We are extremely grateful for the Air Movement System that they donated; Now that the summer months are here, we are certainly reaping the benefits of having fresh air circulating around our hall. The days of overheating and drowsiness on a warm day are gone and having all four hundred pupils and fifty staff in the same place is now far more pleasant!"