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Latest Extraction From Canopy UK

Latest Extraction From Canopy UK

Canopy recently fitted a portion of new canopy and ducting to a 14th century pub in the village of Barrington. 

The Royal Oak is a local pub and restaurant that offers a mixture of freshly prepared classic and modern meals along with a traditional roast on a Sunday. 

They already had a fairly large canopy in their kitchen but needed it extending slightly, as normal though, a large portion of the work that we carried out cannot be see and that is all the ducting outside. 

Ducting is the metal tubing which connects the cooker hood and the extraction fan to the outside wall or roof of the building for the safe emission of contaminated air.

Our ducting is fire rated and always positioned to take the extracted air to the outside of the building safely and using the quickest route available.  

We also supplied and installed a Pass in the kitchen, this is a long flat surface where the chef places dishes once they are cooked ready for the servers to take to customers tables. 



Is your extraction system slowing down or looking a bit tired? Canopy UK can manufacture and install any size canopy to any spec. Why not give us a call today on 01733 700468 and see how we can improve your kitchen extraction.