Canopy UK’s Air Movement System Shakes Up Commercial Catering

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As the commercial catering world continues to evolve and the demands from caterers continue to change, we at Canopy UK have developed an exciting ductless extraction unit in order to keep up with the new kitchen trends and meet client demands.

Occasionally, clients come to us in catering units that have no access to vent outside and as we always love a problem we worked hard to find a solution that allow us to expand our client base. We designed a system which can be fitted with no requirement for outside access which aims to solve previous catering woes.

The system uses a standard canopy with baffle grease filters and an odour neutraliser unit which can be fitted to the canopy or in another area in the building. The air is initially passed through the top of the air unit, into the mesh filter which then removes grease and oil. Air is then pulled down from the fan at the bottom of the unit, while the OC unit removes odours out of the air system. The hepa filter then works to remove any smoke to leave the air 98% clean.

At Canopy UK we have designed a system which can be self-installed, however we recommend that you have it professionally installed by us so that we can ensure the system is set up correctly. When using this system only electrical equipment can be used under the canopy.

At present we have fitted this system in locations around London and even in old railway arches which have since been renovated to include shops and restaurants.

One of our most recent projects involved fitting an air movement system for Pita Pit UK. We worked alongside Pita Pit to fit a bespoke ventilation system and canopy hood which needed to meet health and safety standards in the UK. We decided to fit the ductless extraction unit which helped to solve the issue of Pita Pit having no outside or open airway access.

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