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The cleaning of commercial kitchen cambridge extraction canopies can be difficult leading to the extraction canopies deteriorating faster than normal. Thus the Material that extraction canopies are made from is very important. Good extraction canopies should only use 405 to 430 grade stainless steel. The reason for this is that cheaper stainless steel stains easier and discolours.

Commercial kitchen cambridge xtraction canopies should be firm, most importantly near the filter banks with holes for draining at the base of the filter bank. Any decent extraction canopies will also include drain taps on the bottom of the frame; to prevent excess oil getting trapped in the filters. It can be drained away sufficiently and will not block the bottom of the extraction canopies.

When looking to buy industrial extraction canopies, there are several things you can consider making sure that you have one, of a wide range of commercial kitchen cambridge extraction canopies, that is right for what you need. Always calculate and prepare all of the kit you require and look for the simplest way out of the vicinity that you require the extraction canopies for the ducting. Companies specialising in extraction canopies will help with all your needs. Get in touch with your local councils and preparation, and make sure you do not go on without their endorsement as there is a chance you will be asked to eliminate your work in spite of how much the cost.

We can advise you on ducting positioning / types with a free visit, but if you are in need of this information as you are working with a very tight space you can contact us and we can advise you of what you will need based on room size and task at hand. You can consider where the ducting should go on your commercial kitchen cambridge extraction canopies but once you know the sizes you can work how to exit the building. Looking at the duct from extraction canopies and how to extract out of the building you will need to the measure and decide on the type of the duct and fan.

Vapours from heated oil and fats are given off at 200 to 230 degrees. This is a potential fire hazard so it is essential that the commercial kitchen cambridge extraction canopies system is working properly and safely. The duct and fan should be working and positioned correctly to prevent oil and fat build up.

Extraction canopies should be cleaned weekly along with the filters. The duct work and fans should be cleaned every 6 months by a professional cleaning company that will issue the relevant documents for insurance purposes. As most filters are aluminium or stainless steel you can easily remove and clean with warm soapy water. Cleaning and maintenance of extraction canopies and extraction systems is vital.

The user of the various discharges, slow running fan low velocity should help to achieve certain levels. Extraction canopies noise levels should be checked to ensure that the maximum internal noise levels of NR40 to 50 is net exceeding and the maximum level at the point of discharge of extraction should not increase the overall ambient noise level by more than 2 db (A) on completion of the installation.

There are various different types of commercial kitchen cambridge extraction canopies, fan sizes, makes and models. These include: Roof Unit, Helious and Ventaxia. There are also many different types of fans, ranging from Turbos, Short case, Long case, Plate fans and Box fans. Each one of these clearly has their own sole position and its vital to make certain you obtained the right one by getting in contact with the extraction canopies business for support. A highly regarded extraction canopies firm will aid you with such support.