Please fill out the form below and we will aim to quote within 1 working day. The form should provide us with all the information we should need to be able to provide an extraction system for you, including installation. We may still need to contact you for further information.

1. Are the appliances under the canopy electric or gas fired or mixed?

2. Please list cooking equipment to be positioned under the canopy with full dimensions:

3. Please enter the ceiling height where the canopy will be positioned

4. All canopies we manufacture are fitted with stainless steel baffle filters, these remove grease particulates within the air however do not remove odours. If you are within an area where the local authority requires the removal of odours from the cooking process then additional filtration systems may be required. Would you like a quote for an odour control system?

5. In order to ensure safe working under the canopy lighting should be provided to keep an average lux level of about 500, this can be achieved by using bulkhead,recessed fluorescent light fittings or LED lighting. If you request lighting please tick box below and specify what light you would prefer.
Bulk HeadRecessedLED

6. Your kitchen will need to have 85% of fresh air to be brought back into the room. This can be achieved in a couple of different ways. Please select through the choices.
Air supply to be brought in via:
Grilles fitted in the front fascia of the canopyAir supply fan box on the wall with internal/external grillesCeiling Grilles

7. Please specify which extraction route will be required from the canopy

8. If the canopy is positioned away from an external wall or flat roof, approximately how far would the ductwork need to proceed to reach an external point?

9. What is the point of termination for the ducting?

10. Is the kitchen on the ground floor? If not please specify which floor and if any there are any additional storeys above you.

11. Are you aware of any planning restrictions which may apply to external ductwork and discharge points (for example listed building or local regulations)?

12. Are there any specific requirements with regards to noise, some local authorities will specify a maximum noise level especially in a built up area.

13. If you are using gas cooking equipment then an Interlock system including a solenoid valve will be required, would you require us to undertake this element of the works?

14. Do you require stainless steel cladding beneath the canopy (wall canopies only)? If so please indicate below. Please note walls will need to be completely flat prior to cladding in steel.
Not RequiredUnder canopyUnder canopy & 1 side wallUnder canopy & both side walls

15. Do you require installation or supply only?
Please quote for installationSupply only

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