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canopy extraction systemsFebruary still being so cold outside but spring is just around the corner, here at Canopy UK we are still working hard on the installation and maintenance of canopy extraction systems up and down the country. Starting this month with a call-out at one of our Pizza Hut stores in Edinburgh’s Gyle shopping centre the engineers drove up there from here in Peterborough worked through the night to fit the new fan and had the store back up and running by the morning. Thanks to Woods for get the fan to us quickly. I seem to be spending more and more time out of the office running up and down of the country looking at new projects its nice to see that the independent restaurant trade is on the up, it’s also good to meet so many enthusiastic restaurants. I have looked at three new projects in Sheffield, Norwich, and Manchester within the last week. Work is always rolling out of the workshop canopy, tables, sinks, all looking great. The service team in the office are still busy with new and existing clients, this is the time to get the canopy systems cleaned and serviced, you don’t need it to go down over a busy weekend. Until my next month’s newsletter keep busy and enjoy what you do as much as we do. John  

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