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Pita Pit Hire Canopy UK

Pita Pit UK has chosen Canopy UK to provide the commercial ventilation extraction in their UK stores. Pita Pit, who originated in Canada, are now based across the UK with various stores in London, Leeds and Manchester. Pita Pit focus on fresh and healthy eating, and stock nutritiously filled Pita breads and salads freshly made to order. Using meat and vegetable produce of the highest quality sourced in the UK, Pita Pit also cater for vegetarians and vegans. With a menu that offers everything from grilled chicken, steak and halloumi, falafel, souvlaki and tuna stuffed pita breads, soups and even sweet treats there’s something to tantalise even the fussiest of taste buds. The menu is made to order on the grill in front of customers where they can add sauces, toppings and salads to customise their meal how they wish. Pita Pit also provide outside catering with large platters available to order too. Pita Pit required a bespoke ventilation and canopy hood for their kitchens across the UK. At Canopy UK we were able to provide a custom made design for Pita Pit to assist in the ventilation extraction in line with the health and safety requirements. With UK health and safety standards to adhere to we needed to provide Pita Pit with effective and suitable ventilation in the workplace. Natural fumes and vapours need to be safely extracted to create a comfortable work environment for staff and customers to enjoy. The ventilation system also needed to consider the amount of cooking taking place and the demands placed upon the system. Suitable cleaning access also needed to factored in to the build, alongside access to the grease filters. The end result has provided Pita Pit with a state of the art bespoke kitchen. At Canopy UK we are able provide the latest in kitchen equipment and ventilation extraction systems that meet and exceed health and safety standards. We are able to provide custom made kitchen and extraction ware for all types of businesses, including outside event canopies, fans, cleaning and more.