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How to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Clean

Ensuring your commercial kitchen is cleaned is not only a health and safety requirement but it is also essential to guarantee your business maintains the highest standards, for both customers to visit and staff to work in. From daily cleaning tasks which can be performed by staff on site to enlisting the help of outside specialists to perform maintenance checks it is vital you maintain a clean commercial kitchen throughout the year. We’ve listed below some top tips on how to keep your kitchen clean and spotless to ensure your business meets the latest health and safety regulations. Health and Safety Standards In order to comply with health and safety standards your commercial kitchen will need to undertake a regular cleaning routine to ensure it is meeting the current regulations. The Health and Safety Executive in the UK has put in place a number for steps which must be followed by catering businesses to safeguard visitors and staff. It is recommended that all team members must be trained properly in safe cleaning methods and use chemicals and materials correctly. Spillages also need to be attended to as soon as they are spotted and cleaned immediately, it is also important to ensure that signage is put in place to avoid any accidents whilst the floor is wet. What to Clean To operate a successful kitchen you will need to incorporate a regular cleaning schedule into the day to day running of your business. From everyday tasks to those which can be performed less regularly, your cleaning program will all depend on how often you use your kitchen. For example every day you will need to; wipe down the sink and work tops and clean the floor. Whereas, cleaning cabinets, appliances, fridges and other kitchen equipment may need to be cleaned less regularly. Ensuring you have a strict rota with daily, weekly and monthly tasks will help to ensure your cleaning program is adhered too and maintained. Canopy Cleaning When it comes to cleaning your kitchen canopy it is essential to invite a professional canopy cleaning team in. It is a vital insurance requirement to have your canopy cleaned and regular canopy maintenance also has many other benefits too. Your fire risk will be greatly reduced by following a cleaning program, airflow and ventilation will be improved and the lifespan of your chosen canopy will be prolonged. Depending on how often you use your kitchen and the demands placed upon your canopy and ventilation system will determine how often your equipment needs to be serviced. As a general guide your canopy will need to be cleaned every 12 months for light use (2-6 hours per day), every 6 months for medium use (6-12 hours per day) and every 3 months for heave use (12-16 hours per day). Cleaning your canopy and ventilation system will help to remove grease, fat, smoke and steam that build up over time in your kitchen. Regular cleaning will help ensure your kitchen promotes the highest health and safety standards and maintain a hygienic food preparation and cooking environment.