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kitchenextractioncanopiesThe main reason for having your commercial extraction canopy system cleaned is the potential fire hazard. To comply with your insurance policy and cleaning helps with the performance of your system and to stop the build-from grease, harmful bacteria and even mud. Even the best extraction system filter can never eliminate all vaporized grease that, together with debris, condenses onto the canopy plenum, duct and fan surfaces. This build-up now solely requires heat, which is available in every kitchen to trigger off a frightening process. A spark or flame is not necessary, as spontaneous combustion can occur, meaning that a dirty extraction system is a fire waiting to happen. Simplistically, what happens is that the grease within the duct acts as a fuse, carrying fire through the duct and the building. Fire, smoke and hot gases might break out at any penetration, hole, joint or discharge point following heat-induced collapse of ductwork. Temperatures of up to 1200 degC transmit heat through the metal to distort, destroy or ignite the  duct support hanger, packing materials, electrical systems and litter. In this way heat can spread rapidly following duct route and this may be difficult and dangerous for fire fighters to access and fight. The insurance business is hardening its perspective on the issue. This is hardly surprising since the association of British insurers has recorded losses associated with kitchen extract fires rising from £sixty-five million in 1998 to £107 million in 2004. The insurer’s loss prevention council suggests that the minimum of an annual clean of the entire system by specialists is carried out, the exact frequency to be determined by reasoned risk assessment. Failure to comply with the terms of a policy may mean policy will be invalidated. There are many hazards of an unclean kitchen extraction system, even the most effective extraction filters will not remove all traces of grease and dirt from the air, over time a layer of grease and dirt is deposited on the surface of the ventilation duct, canopies and extraction fans. After time your extraction system can start to slow down and you will hear undue noise or feel a vibration, this is due to the grease and dust having baked onto the various surfaces, causing overheating and then the fans will cut out and create low airflow pressure. This excessive grease is also an environmental health hazard and creates a breeding ground for bacteria and foul smells. It goes without saying that is therefore essential to carry out regular commercial extraction canopy cleaning to your kitchen extraction system. This should be carried out by a specialist contractor that should be able to offer you photos before and after and a certificate. Failure to do this could cause a breach of the Environmental Health Laws and may invalidate any insurance policy that you hold. As a member of the Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association and the FSB, Canopy UK provides a ventilation degreasing service to HVCA TR19 level, covering all aspects of extraction system cleaning. Our experienced cleaning teams are fully trained to wash all components of ventilation systems to the high standards required to confirm a secure and healthy atmosphere for your customers and workers. Here at we believe in customer care, that is why we tend to provide not only a deep clean service, but after care service with one of our maintenance plans that begin at a competitive rate. Extraction systems never break down on a Monday morning at nine-o-clock, they usually go wrong on a Friday night or over the weekend! Here at Canopy UK our maintenance teams aim to get you back up and running within 24 hours. This offers you peace of mind with the knowledge that you are in safe hands and that you have saved yourself from lost revenue and a damaged reputation. Included in the service is the cleaning of all accessible duct work, the fans, filters and canopy, pictures can be taken before and when and you will also receive a duplicate of the pictures along with a valid certificate which your company demands.