Canopy Direct UK - Kitchen Extraction Systems

Canopy UK install Extraction Canopies in the Viet Hoa Cafe

Viet Hoa Cafe

This was one of the most challenging projects that we have ever undertaken.

Most of time the canopy would be in the kitchen Out of the sight of the customers or in a open plan kitchen you might see only a small amount of it.

Joseph designed this to be in full view and to make it part of his design.

The whole canopy is 1400mm wide by 6500mm long, all made from polished mirrored stainless steel with recessed lighting.

One of the most challenging canopies but we were honoured to work alongside Joseph Sung and delighted with the final finish and overall look.

Joseph Sung and his company Vonsung has been nominated for best restaurant designer of the year 2011 by three of the industries top publishers.