Keep your Kitchen Clean this Christmas

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Keeping your kitchen clean should be a priority all year round but when the Christmas rush hits it can become easy to start slacking on the cleaning duties and put your feet up. But, beware hygiene can soon plummet as a result and could leave the Food Standards Agency knocking at your kitchen door.

Hygiene is of the most utmost priority when catering to the public, however many are sadly found to have below average ratings, with zero stars resulting in ‘urgent improvements required’. In Peterborough, 64 restaurants, takeaways and other local eating establishments were awarded just one start requiring ‘major improvements’.

With many restaurants in Peterborough awarded three stars or more, the area still remains a hygienic place to grab a bite to eat over the festive period. It’s also important that consumer report anything they deem to be unhygienic to ensure that establishments are cleaning up their act and offering they very best and cleanest service possible. A survey by the Food Standards Agency found that 34% admitted they don’t report a bad experience when eating out, the onus is on the public to be more vigilant.

Many Christmas parties are already underway and with the restaurants set to get busier in the run up to the big day and until the New Year, the strain on eateries is set to increase. 51% of those surveyed reported they would be responsible for booking a meal for friends or family this festive season, yet only 3% would check the hygiene standards of the restaurant.

Our Director John Ellingham, has called upon restaurants to clean up their act. “Ensuring your commercial kitchen is cleaned is not only a health and safety requirement, but it is also essential to guarantee your business maintains the highest standards for both customers and staff”, commented John.

Keeping your kitchen clean is a healthy and safety requirement and following essential kitchen cleaning advice will help to keep your kitchen in top shape this Christmas. From sticking to your regular cleaning routine to scheduling canopy cleaning, keeping your food preparation and cooking environment clean at Christmas will help to keep guarantee your business maintains the highest hygiene standards.

Kitchen hygiene needs to remain a priority for kitchen staff all year round and when the Christmas rush hits, staff need to be prepared to deal with any extra requirement that come along with this time of year.

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