• Eliminator 19 prevents and kills the Corona Virus -COVID-19.
• Control and eliminate Corona Virus in your building.
• Gives your customers the confidence.
• These can be used in Hair Salons, Restaurants, Gyms, Schools, Dentist and Doctors, Retail shops in fact anywhere where people visit.
• The units are very compact and should be easy to accommodate.
• They sterilise the air and eliminate bacteria and viruses.

• The Eliminator 19 unit provides a practical but
aesthetic sterilisation unit suitable for both
commercial and medical applications.
• This effective sterilisation unit maximises
use of a minimum air quantity to affect the
greatest room area and as such is capable of
servicing areas up to 50 cu metres approx.
• The basic unit comes complete with a fixed
speed fan setting with manual over-ride for
‘boost’ fan room purging.
• For varying automatic sterilisation control a
pre-programmed logic processor can be
incorporated into the unit at additional cost.
• This multi-tasking integral controller
provides variable speed operation at
designated times to suit the particular room
• The unit is designed with easy top access for tube and reflector replacement with fan,
filter and controls accessed from the base.

Eliminator 19 Spec sheet