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5 STAR RECOMMENDATION! from Varsity Hotel & Spa in Cambridge*

"As the number one ranked hotel in Cambridge on Tripadvisor, it is of the upmost importance that all our extraction systems are working correctly. We have been working alongside Canopy UK for almost 10 years and within that time period they have built and reworked our Riverside Bar restaurant kitchen and built a new function kitchen downstairs. The building is old and everything is pretty confined but Canopy UK always have good ideas about making all the systems work properly.

Our new restaurant kitchen on the sixth floor of The Varsity Hotel has not only been supplied and fitted with an excellent kitchen extraction system by John and his team but also they have built all the under bar fabrication, all the tabling, sinks and all the pieces made form stainless steel, including the potwash area.

They bits on show, such as bar foot rails they have powdercoated to our specification and again have had great ideas how things could fit together and look.

If we need something made from stainless steel or it’s a bit unusual we call Canopy UK, to date we have not found a problem that they cannot solve to our satisfaction.

I would recommend Canopy Uk to anyone for the knowledge that all the team have, the turnaround time to make it happen, their professionalism and the honesty of the whole company. We continue to work with them."
*This 5-star recommendation was made by
Will Davies
Director of the Varsity Hotel & Spa in Cambridge