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Merlin CT1250 Gas Interlock Control Panel

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  • All Merlin systems are designed to comply with the latest CE requirements and low voltage directives.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reliable method of interlock, with no moving parts there’s little to go wrong.
  • Straightforward to install and calibrate. The CT1250 can be easily adjusted to your requirements.
  • Complete all-in-one box.
  • Clear LED display for system indications.
  • Can be used when pressure differential switches cannot be used e.g. wall-mounted fans.
  • Allows Compliance with BS6173: 2001 for commercial kitchens.
  • BMS Terminals Normally Closed or Normally open and common.
  • Three year warranty.

This method is not recommended with belt driven fans.


When the fan is turned “on” the CT1250 monitors the electrical current going to the fan motor, when there is sufficient current going to the fan motor our panel receives a signal to indicate the fans are operating. Turning the key to the “on” position will open the gas solenoid valve. If the fans should fail, the “fan fault” LED on the panel will illuminate and the gas solenoid valve will close. When there is a “fan fault” the supply fan or extract fan led on the Merlin CT1250 panel fascia will flash. This informs the electrician or kitchen staff which fan has failed.

Operating the system in the above manner will ensure the requirements of BS6173: 2001 are fully met where all the catering equipment has flame failure devices fitted.

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Product Quality

All our canopies are manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment so we can make sure that the correct stainless steel is being used and no edges are left sharp. All parts to our products meet a high standard and are in accordance with governing bodies guidelines.

  • experience
  • honesty
  • great value


Here at CanopyUk, when designing a canopy system, our project team will work alongside the client from start to completion to ensure that the system works well. We look at several points when a member of our team visits your site: plans on what you will be cooking, the capacity of the equipment and any further plans you might have for future expansion.

With this information this gives us an idea on what size canopy and type of fan you will require and how to plan the system. We pride ourselves on installing systems that work.