Island canopies are suitable for large kitchens where the cook run is back-to-back with the serves spine in the middle.

All canopies are made from high quality 1.0 mm thick 430 or 304 grade stainless steel with a smooth wipe clean interior finish and with a exterior finish of your choice. Canopy UK standard Island canopies are of a folded and riveted construction with fully welded corners. All edges have safety folded edges inside the filter bank and all around the canopy. All canopies come with removable and washable stainless steel baffle grease filters.

The filter bank runs the complete length of the canopy in a V shape through the centre of the canopy with filters on both side, drain holes at the bottom of the filter rails to allow excess grease to drain away to the grease collection tray located along the bottom of the filter bank.

Island Canopy
Island Canopy

Bulkhead or integral fluorescent lighting can be fitted as an option. Our range of canopies come in Island canopy sizes starting from 2400mm length by 2000mm wide. We are able to make any length you require.
As your canopies are made from the highest quality Stainless Steel they should last you a life time.

All for our extract canopies are designed in accordance with B&ES DW/172 and B&ES DW/144.

Make up air or supply air systems

The air can be replaced back into the kitchen through the front face of the canopy with deflection grills making the whole job look clean and streamline.