All of our extract canopies are designed in accordance with B&ES DW/172 and B&ES DW/144

All canopies are made from 1.0 mm thick 430 or 304 grade stainless steel with a smooth wipe clean interior finish and with an exterior finish of your choice. CanopyUk’s standard canopies are of a folded and riveted construction with fully welded corners, all edges are safety folded inside the filter bank and all around the canopy. All canopies come with removable and washable stainless steel baffle grease filters.

Bulkhead, LED or integral fluorescent lighting can be fitted as an option. Our range of canopies come in sizes from 1000 mm up to any length you require.

If you don’t know what kind of canopy you require, please get in contact and we will be happy to help

Types of Canopies


When CanopyUk design a canopy we look at three things: Product Quality, Performance and Aesthetics

Product Quality

All our canopies are manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment so we can make sure that the correct stainless steel is being used and all edges are not left sharp. All parts to our products meet a high standard and are in accordance with governing bodies.


Here at CanopyUk when designing a canopy system, our project team will work alongside the client from start to completion to ensure that the system works and works well. We look at several points when a member of our team visits your site. Firstly, plans on what you will be cooking, the capacity of the equipment and any further plans you might have for future expansion. This will give us an idea on what size canopy and type of fan that will be required and how to plan the system. We pride ourselves on installing systems that work.


As a lot of kitchens are now open plan, your customers can see the kitchen area. In the case of takeaways often the steel cladding matches the canopy. You will need it to look good as well as perform.

At CanopyUk we make sure that we meet all three of the above requirements. This is why we have earned a reputation as a leading supplier of commercial kitchen extraction in the UK.